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Equipment Rentals

Riot Act, Inc. owns several pieces of equipment that we are happy to rent to others in the community.

Digital projectors$50 per day per projector    NEC NENPV 3D Mobile Projector:  projects in HD, can hook up to a computer or other devises, remote system and mounts available.  We own 3 of these projectors.

Projection Screen$20 per day    Screen is 70 X 70 and can be hung.  We do not have a stand for it.

Projector and Screen together – $60 per day

Sound system$50 per day  including speakers, amp, and corded mic.

Stage Lights – please contact us for prices.  We own 12 lights

Light board – please contact us for prices

Dimmer Pack – pleas contact us for prices

We do require a deposit and signed waiver agreement on all equipment rentals.  We are also willing to negotiate prices for longer rentals.