Auditions for Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet)


Auditions for Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald will be held Tues. Sept. 12 and Wed. Sept. 13 from 7:30p-9:00p at Dancers’ Workshop. 

Join us for Auditions!  Everyone welcome!

Riot Act, Inc. will be holding auditions for its production of Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) by Ann-Marie MacDonald. Rehearsals will begin shortly after casting. Performances will run Nov. 2-4 and 9-11, 2018 at Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village.  The show will be directed by Macey Mott.

Play description:

In this exuberant comedy and original revision of Shakespeare’s Othello and Romeo and Juliet — Constance Ledbelly, a drab and dusty academic, deciphers a cryptic manuscript she believes to be the original source for the tragedies, and is transported into the plays themselves. She visits Juliet and Desdemona, has a hand in saving them, and finds out what these women are about. In true Shakespearean spirit, Constance plunders the plays and creates something new, all the while engaging in a personal voyage of self-discovery. With an abundance of twists, fights, dances, seductions, and wild surprises, the play is an absolute joy of theatricality.  ~ Samuel French.


Constance Ledbelly – an assistant professor at Queen’s University
Desdemona – leading lady from Shakespeare’s Othello, strong warrior woman
Juliet – leading lady from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, young and fickle teenage girl
Othello – leading man from Shakespeare’s Othello, usually played by a man of color
Romeo – leading man from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, young and fickle teenage boy
Iago – villain from Shakespeare’s Othello, up to no good
Tybalt – cousin of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet,  a real macho man
Mercutio – friend of Romeo from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet
Professor Claude Night – a professor at Queen’s University and Constance’s boss
Chorus –  Informs the audience in a know-it-all sort of way


Juliet’s Nurse – governess of Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet


Ghost – ghost in the crypt


Servant – a servant


Ramona – a student at Queen’s University, Professor Night’s love interest


Student – “Julie, uh Jill”, a student at Queen’s University

Several actors will be asked to play more than one role.  So everyone will have plenty of stage time.

Please bring to auditions your schedule of conflicts including work schedule.  If you would like to schedule an audition time, please contact Riot Act, Inc. to do so.  Otherwise please just come anytime during the audition times.  If you are not able to make auditions but still would like to audition, please contact us to set up another time.  If you have a head shot and resume and/or a prepared monologue, please bring them.  If not, we will have audition forms and cold readings for you.  If you would like to read the script before auditions, please let us know.

For more information, contact  Hope to see you there!