Auditions for Hamlet

Auditions for Hamlet by William Shakespeare will be held Tues. Dec. 6 and Thurs. Dec. 8 from 7:30p-9:30p at 545 N. Cache suite #3. 

Join us for Auditions!  Everyone welcome!

Riot Act, Inc. will be holding auditions for its production of Hamlet by Shakespeare. Rehearsals will begin shortly after casting with a break for the holidays. Performances will run Feb.23-25 and March 2-4, 2017 at Walk Festival Hall in Teton Village.  The show will be directed by Macey Mott.

Play description:

A ghost resembling the recently deceased King of Denmark visits Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.  The ghost tells a story of betrayal and murder by Claudius the current King.  The ghost demands his death be avenged.  So the motion of Shakespeare’s longest play is put into motion.  Hamlet spends the play trying to prove the murder and avenge his father with many people of the court becoming innocent victims in his wake.  Being a tragedy, almost every character dies by the end of the play.


Bernardo – a guard, Francisco – a guard, Horatio – friend of Hamlet, Marcellus – a guard, Ghost, Claudius – King of Denmark & Hamlet’s uncle, Gertrude – Queen of Denmark & Hamlet’s mother, Hamlet – Prince of Denmark, Polonius – adviser to the royals & parent of Laertes & Ophelia, Laertes – son of Polonius, brother of Ophelia, Voltimand – attendant to the royals, Cornelius – attendant to the royals, Ophelia – love interest of Hamlet & sister to Laertes & daughter of Polonius, Reynaldo – attendant to the royals, Rosencrantz – school friend of Hamlet, Guidenstern – school friend of Hamlet, Players- actors in traveling troupe, The Court – attendants to the royals, Fortinbras – Prince of Norway, Fortinbras’ Captain/Amassador – with Norway’s army, Norweigen Army, Gentleman – attendant to royals, Servant, First Sailor, Sailors, Messenger, Gravediggers, Priest, Osric – attendant to royals, Lords & Ladies

**note, the role of the Ghost has been pre-cast, all other roles are open**

The play will be cut to a reasonable length, as the uncut play usually runs approx. 4 hours.  Several actors will be asked to play more than one role.  So everyone will have plenty of stage time.  Macey plans on setting the play in a contemporary time, but no gimmicks.  Some traditionally male roles may be cast as women, so don’t let that hold you back from auditioning.  This will be a physical show.  Please wear loose clothing to the audition, as there will be a physical element to the audition.

Please bring to auditions your schedule of conflicts including work schedule.  If you would like to schedule an audition time, please contact Riot Act, Inc. to do so.  Otherwise please just come anytime during the audition times.  If you are not able to make auditions but still would like to audition, please contact us to set up another time.  If you have a head shot and resume and/or a prepared monologue, please bring them.  If not, we will have audition forms and cold readings for you.  If you would like to read the script before auditions, please let us know.

For more information, contact  Hope to see you there!