Annual Series of Shorts Auditions

Riot Act, Inc. announces auditions for our Annual Series of Short Plays will be held Wednesday April 27 from 7:30-9:30pm & Thursday April 28 from 7:30-9:30pm at 545 N. Cache suite 3.

Join us for Auditions!  Everyone welcome!

April 27th and 28th Riot Act, Inc. will be holding auditions for its Annual Series of Short Plays.

Annual Series of Shorts includes 3 plays with 3 different directors.  The performances will run June 8-11.  Actors will work with individual directors to schedule rehearsal times.

This year, all three plays are the winners from our Third Annual New Play Festival.  You will also have the opportunity to work with the playwrights during rehearsals.


Shorts Play descriptions:

Sweet Dreams, by Evie Lewis, directed by Henry Raynor Williams & Kari Hall

A whimsical look at a modern day Mab, queen of the fairies, as her magic interferes with the coworkers of a data collection agency.


Gnat – man 30s to 60s, Mabel – woman 30s to 60s, Dora – woman 20s to 30s, Eleanor – woman 30s-40s, Tom – man mid-20s to mid-30s


To Know His Name by Lane Centrella, directed by Scott Willis

This is a serio-comedic play focusing on a family’s reflection on the loss of their patriarch.


Iris – Mother, middle aged, Ethan  – father, slightly older than Iris, Daniela – daughter 20s, Jamie – daughter slightly younger than Daniela, Rachel – Ethan’s sister in 50s


Destiny Knocks by Evie Lewis, directed by Cord Renyolds

Part love story, part game show, this play follows Miles, who must discover his destiny.


Miles – man 20s to 30s, Sara – woman, slightly younger than Miles, The Host – man, can be any age, Mom – woman 35 to 45


Please bring to auditions your schedule of conflicts including work schedule.  If you would like to schedule an audition time, please contact Riot Act, Inc. to do so.  Otherwise please just come anytime during the audition times.  If you are not able to make auditions but still would like to audition, please contact us to set up another time.  If you have a headshot and resume and/or a prepared monologue, please bring them.  If not, we will have audition forms and cold readings for you.  If you would like to read any of the scripts before auditions, please let us know.

For more information, contact

Hope to see you there!