Tribes Auditions

Auditions for Tribes by Nina Raine will be held Dec.16 & 17 from 7:30p-9:30p & from 7:30-9:30pm at Convergence, 545 N. Cache suite 2 &3.

Join us for Auditions!  Everyone welcome!

Riot Act, Inc. will be holding auditions for its production of Tribes by Nina Raine. Rehearsals will begin in January just after the New Year and performances will run February 18-20 and 25-27, 2016. Macey Mott will direct with Dawn Webster helping as a Sign Language expert.

Play description:

Billy was born deaf into a hearing family. He was raised inside its fiercely idiosyncratic and politically incorrect cocoon. He has adapted brilliantly to his family’s unconventional ways, but they’ve never bothered to return the favor. It’s not until he meets Sylvia, a young woman on the brink of deafness, that he finally understands what it means to be understood. ~DPS


Christopher, Billy’s father – can play 50s -70s

Beth, Billy’s mother – can play 50s – 70s

Ruth, Billy’s sister – can play 20s

Daniel, Billy’s brother – can play 20s

Billy, deaf – can play 20s (prefer to cast someone who is deaf or hard of hearing)

Sylvia, going deaf – can play 20s

Please bring to auditions your schedule of conflicts including work schedule. If you would like to schedule an audition time, please contact Riot Act, Inc. to do so.  Otherwise please just come anytime during the audition times.  If you are not able to make auditions but still would like to audition, please contact us to set up another time.  If you have a head shot and resume and/or a prepared monologue, please bring them.  If not, we will have audition forms and cold readings for you.  If you would like to read the script before auditions, please let us know.

We would love to include the Deaf community in this production. We encourage deaf actors to audition for the roles of Billy and Sylvia. However, we will consider hearing actors for these roles. If you happen to already know Sign, please let us know at your audition. Otherwise, we will be working with a Sign expert during the rehearsal process.

For more information, contact Hope to see you there!