Auditions for our Winter Musical

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

by David Yazbek and Jeffrey Lane

Friday Dec. 3, 2021 – 7pm to 9pm

& Sat. Dec. 4 – 12p to 3p

Riot Act Studio, Center for the Arts

Auditions for Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown by David Yazbek and Jeffrey Lane will be held Fri. Dec. 3 from 7pm to 9pm and Sat. Dec. 4 from 12p to 3p at  Riot Act Studio, 3rd Floor Center for the Arts. 

Join us for Auditions!  Everyone welcome!

Riot Act, Inc. will be holding auditions for its production of Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown by David Yazbek and Jeffrey Lane.  The performances will run the week of March 6-13, 2022 on the Center Main Stage.  The show will be helmed by director Macey Mott, musical director Zachary Singer, Vocal Director Hilary Camino, fight director Michael J. Johnson, and stage manager Deborah Supowit.

Play description:

Gazpacho, anyone? A musical adaptation of Pedro Almodóvar’s beloved film of the same name, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is the brainchild of the talented team behind Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Preserving the unusual and exhilarating tone and style of the Oscar-nominated film, Women on the Verge will delight both fans of the film and newcomers to the raucous tale.

Both touching and hilarious, Women on the Verge is a story about women and the men who pursue them… finding them, losing them, needing them and rejecting them. At the center is Pepa, whose friends and lovers are blazing a trail through 1980s Madrid. Along with Pepa, there’s her missing (possibly philandering) lover, Ivan; his ex-wife of questionable sanity, Lucia; their son, Carlos; Pepa’s friend, Candela  and her terrorist boyfriend; a power-suited lawyer; and a taxi driver who dispenses tissues, mints and advice in equal proportion. Mayhem and comic madness abound, balanced by the empathy and heart that are trademarks of Almodóvar’s work. ~ MTI

Auditions will consist of three parts:

Dance Audition – You will work with our choreographers to learn some simple combinations.  Please dress comfortably.  Wear clean, dry dance shoes or sneakers.

Vocal Audition –  Please prepare a song (preferably not from the show) no longer than 2 min..  You may also be asked to sing on the spot from the vocal score.

Acting Audition – Prepare a 2-3 min. monologue (optional) and you will be asked to do some cold reading with other people auditioning.

Get ready for auditions with our Dance for Musical Theatre Workshop.  Taught by professional dancer Tenessa Singleton, the class will help you get ready for auditions. Tuition is a suggested donation $20 per person.  Class will be Tues. Nov. 30, 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Riot Act Studio.  Register on Riot Act’s website


PEPA. Ideally 43, though somewhere between 35—45 can work. A working actress.

Warm, funny, sardonic, down to earth, emotional, motherly and naturally sexy (i.e., not

working it.)

IVÁN. 45—60. Handsome and smooth. Pretty much a haircut and a voice, it would be

possible to mistake him for a bounder, but the truth is he falls in love with every woman

he meets.

LUCÍA. 50’s. Iván’s ex-wife. She has just been released from a mental institution after

20 years. Both comic and scary with a heartbreaking vulnerability underneath it all.

CARLOS. 22—27. Iván’s and Lucia’s son. Shy and studious looking, handsome behind

his glasses. Struggling to break out of his shell.

MARISA. 22—27. Carlos’ fiance. Very matter-of-fact and no-nonsense. Firmly

holding onto her virginity, but with a passion and freedom struggling to break free.

CANDELA. 30. Pepa’s best friend. A working model. Very pretty with a small

town innocence underneath her cosmopolitan sexiness, she is easily distracted—usually

by love.

PAULINA. 30—40. A lawyer, a 1987 feminist. Despite her cold demeanor, we

must also believe she can be swept off her feet.

TAXI DRIVER. 30—50. Off-center, talkative and big hearted. He takes on the

problems of any of his passengers. Still grounded in reality, he is the spirit and energy

of Madrid.

PEPA’S CONCIERGE. 50—70. Female. Religious and a little loopy.

IVÁN’S CONCIERGE. 40—70. Female. The self appointed ruler of her

apartment building.

CHRISTINA. Any age. A receptionist and busybody.

HECTOR. 35—50. Male. The director and owner of the dubbing studio where

Pepa works.

ROSALIA. 25—40. A voice-over actress. Very attractive.

DOCTOR. Male. 35—60.

CHIEF INSPECTOR. 35—60. Male. A tough, no-nonsense police detective.

DETECTIVE. 20’s—30’s. His assistant. Male. A bit bumbling.

TELEPHONE REPAIRMAN. 20’s—30’s. Handsome.

AMBITE. A guy on a motorcycle (or Vespa.)

TWO SECURITY GUARDS. Two Male or One Female, One Male.

NEWS READER ON TV. Male or Female.

THREE MAGISTRATES. Three Male or Two Male, One Female.



Many of the smaller roles will be double or triple cast.

Please bring to auditions your schedule of conflicts including work schedule through March 13, 2022.  If you would like to schedule an audition time, please contact Riot Act, Inc. to do so.  Otherwise please arrive at the beginning of audition times.  If you are not able to make auditions but still would like to audition, please contact us to set up another time.  If you have a headshot and resume, please bring them.  If you would like to read the script before auditions, please let us know.

For more information, contact .  Hope to see you there!