RIOT ACT, Inc.’s

Stage Combat

Taught by Matt Franta

Riot Act Inc. is thrilled to announce Stage Combat Class.  Taught by professional fight director Matt Franta, the class will include stage combat training. Tuition is $30 for one day or $50 for both days per person.  Class will be Sat. Feb. 9 and Sun. Feb. 10 from 12pm to 3pm at Riot Act, Inc.’s new home in room 305 of The Center for the Arts.  Register on Riot Act’s website .

Stage combat is the theatrical representation of violence performed during a live performance that focuses on safety and repetition.  This class will focus on unarmed combat.  Just as a ballet dancer must first learn a tondu or plié before they can perform the Nutcracker an actor too must first learn the basics before they can pick up a sword and play Romeo.  Unarmed stage combat teaches these basics, such as partnering, timing, communication, distance, and safety.  The curriculum will consist of safe, yet theatrically viable slaps, punches, kicks, falls, sweeps, throws, rolls, and take downs. 

The class is offered at a low price of just $30 for one day or $50 for both days per person.  We must have a minimum of 8 students to run this workshop, so get your friends to sign up with you!  No prior experience required. (Teens and adults only please.)

Teaching the class will be Matt Franta.  Matt’s bio:  Off-Broadway: We Are The Tigers, Eco Village, The Video Games. Other credits include work with the Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theatre Company, Marin Shakespeare Company, Long Beach Playhouse, Four Clowns, and the National Theatre for Children. Matt holds a BA in Drama/Speech from Clarke University in Dubuque, IA, and is a graduate of the International Stunt School in Seattle. He has trained with the Society of American Fight Directors, Dueling Arts International, and the International Order of the Sword & Pen. Matt currently teaches stage combat at the American Musical and Dramatics Academy in Los Angeles.

Take our class in the afternoon and still have time to enjoy fun winter activities the morning.  Sign up for the class today at

Class Dates/Times – Stage Combat Class with Matt Franta