49er Ball

Riot Act, Inc. Hosts The 49er Ball

What: The 49er Ball

When: Sat. Feb. 8, doors open at 6:00pm

Where: The Virginian Lodge Ballrooms

Tickets: $30 in advance at 49er Ball Tickets or or $35 at the door

This is Riot Act, Inc.’s second year of hosting The 49er Ball.  This Jackson tradition will take place Sat. Feb. 8 at the Virginian Lodge Ballrooms with doors opening at 6:00pm

The year of 1849: Where the golden streets in the Land of Dreams were spotted out West. Hundreds of thousands of society’s eccentrics and outcastes clamored for their stakes, creating a colorful world of stories, characters, sin, and parties.

The ‘49er Ball is back! A Jackson Hole staple since 1896, live out the past in costume, find an excuse to dance like it’s 1849, gamble away the suspenders off your back, and watch theatrical characters play out their worst sins. Theatre company Riot Act, Inc. hosts the 2020 ‘49er ball Saturday, February 8 at The Virginian Lodge Ballroom. Activities include dance lessons, a live band (Tasha and the Goodfellows), silent auction, gambling for donations, a cash bar, all the vitals you can eat, pop up performances, costume contest, and more!

And, of course, vote for your favorite 49er Ball Royalty.  This year’s contestants include – “Reckless Texas” Jill King, Crystal “CALAMITY” Wright, “Lucky” Lin Heffner, Cory “the kid” Carlson, Benny “Badass” Wilson, Zachariah “MoneyBags” Turpin.  Vote Here

Tickets are $30 in advance: 49er Ball Tickets or $35 at the door. Doors open at 6:00p. 

We are very grateful to our sponsors – St. John’s Medical Center, Trefonas Law, and Y2 Consultants.

For more information, contact info@riotactinc.  Hope to see you there!

Interested in Volunteering for the 49er Ball? Sign-up Here

Meet our Royalty Contestants! Be sure to vote for your favorite(s)!

Benny “Badass” Wilson, Cory “The Kid” Carlson, Crystal “Calamity” Wright, Zachariah “Money Bags” Turpin
Crystal “Calamity” Wright
Zachariah “Money Bags” Turpin
“Lucky” Lin Heffner
Benny “Badass” Wilson
“Reckless Texas” Jill King