48 Hour Play Festival

Riot Act, Inc. Hosts 48-Hour Play Festival

What:  48-Hour Play Festival

When: Fri. Sept. 6 – Sun. Sept. 8

Where: Dancers’ Workshop Studio 3 and Riot Act, Inc.’s Studio 305

48-Hour Play Festival will be held Fri. Sept. 6 from 7:30pm to Sun. Sept. 8 at 5pm in Riot Act, Inc.’s studio, room 305 in Center for the Arts. 

Join us!  Everyone welcome!

Want to be involved?  Show up at Dancers’ Workshop Studio 3 on Fri. Sept. 6 at 7p.  Whether you want to write, direct, or act, please show up to this meeting to be involved.  You will be divided into teams.    Each team will have the chance to draw a genre, prop, character name, and word or phrase to be used in your play.  Plays should be short, running no longer than 10 min. to 15 min.  Once you have your teams, go to work!  Teams will write, cast, direct, rehearse, and perform your plays in 48 hours.  Plays will be presented Sunday night at 5pm.

Interested in writing or directing, please contact us in advance and let us know:  riotactinc@earthlink.net.

Want to watch?  Stop by our studio anytime to watch plays come to life.  Join us for the FREE final performances on Sunday starting at 5pm.

Why a 48-hour play festival?  Riot Act, Inc. in collaboration with other artists and organizations is planning a local Fringe Festival starting in 2020.  The 48-Hour play festival will provide a taste of what is to come at the Fringe.

For more information, contact riotactinc@earthlink.net.  Hope to see you there!